A downloadable game

Entry for the Degica Indie Game Making Contest 2018.


Working in the shadows, Aurora's elite team of traitors and vagabonds works to do anything in their power to place a dent in the mega-corporations. Select from 6 units with unique stats and skills and wage battle across 3 missions to uncover a hidden plot. Plan a strategy turn by turn and watch all movements and actions (of both players and enemies) unfold at once!

Notes about controls:

  • Click and drag an allied character to plan out their movement.
  • Collide with enemies to battle!
  • Press 'TAB' to hide the UI.
  • Press 'ESC' to bring up a retry menu.
  • Press 'SPACE' to begin a movement phase.
  • Press Alt+F4 to Quit (Yeah I forgot to add a thing).

This game was made in one month (during some after-work evenings), you can view the code base here: https://github.com/nrichman/DegicaJamCyberStrategy

Original music credit to Edward Berry.

Writing credit to Allias Thomson.

Assets credit to some other people probably.

Install instructions

Download the zip file.

Extract the contents somewhere.

Run the executable.

Hope the camera doesn't break again.


HiddenTacticsDaemon.zip 31 MB
WonderfulGame.exe 633 kB


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Better than fallout 76